nicoladerck Feb 19, 2014

Vrilbert Derck - I Kissed A Girl - Katy Perry Cover

Hello my dear! I recorded the audio from one of my tests this week and decided to post this here for you to hear. Again…
nicoladerck Feb 04, 2014

A special day.

Anyway 2014 has finally arrived. Was looking forward to this month of January arrived quickly, is not to less. In this month I will start…
nicoladerck Jan 15, 2014
nicoladerck Jan 15, 2014
Happy New Year Bitches!pic

New Projects

Hello my dear. Well, as you can see, I was a long time without updating my Buzznet. The reason for all this was that I needed…
nicoladerck Dec 07, 2013

Listen: New Song From Lady Gaga “Venus”

Lady Gaga has officially released today, 27 the full audio of her new song, "Venus". Listen; "Venus" will be part of the album "ARTPOP" and came…
nicoladerck Oct 27, 2013

Rihanna Releases Official Cover Of Her New Single, “What Now”

Rihanna is gearing up for the release of their new single, "What Now". In the early hours of Wednesday (16), the singer used Instagram to…
nicoladerck Oct 16, 2013
nicoladerck Oct 15, 2013

Avril Lavigne's 'Let Me Go' Music Video Feat. Chad Kroeger

Avril Lavigne has realeaed a new music video featuing her husband Chad Kroeger. Watch "Let Me Go" below.  video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player "Let Me Go" is the third…
nicoladerck Oct 15, 2013

What I thought of "Utopia", the new EP Kerli!

Kerli is preparing for launch on March 19 "Utopia", his most in EP. Initially, "Utopia" was announced as the singer's second album Estonian, however, Kerli…
nicoladerck Feb 17, 2013

Rihanna Premieres New Music Video For 'Stay'

Rihanna launched her new video on Tuesday for the her latest single, "Stay." Unlike the 24-year-old singer's previous video for the high energy club song "Diamonds," the new video…
nicoladerck Feb 13, 2013
nicoladerck Feb 10, 2013

New products, new projects, explanations ...

Hello my dear, that's okay with you? Well, as you may have noticed already that I have a time without updating the DarKblog and Buzznet…
nicoladerck Feb 03, 2013
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About Me:

Hello am the Vrilbert Derck, I am from Salvador Bahia, I'm 16 years old and I am blogger. Let's talk a little about me: then, since childhood I've always been a bit different from other children, passionate about different things.

I remember that I loved for seven years is in front of the tv watching MTV, loved these clips! As always lived with my father saw him listening to records of classic rocks as Lergião Urbana, Kid Rock, Cassia Eller, Rolling Stones, Queens and other such.

I started listening to him and I like it, remember also that my stepmother had a few CDs of Madonna and Cindy Lauper I always escultava too. There turned pro nine years my fan of bands like Blink 182, Simple Plam, Marron 5, The Eyde black pieces. With ten of the group RBD fan turned what I love today. With eleven I fell madly through my divas Pitty and Avril Lavigne, all of them were fascinated me, the music, lyrics, clips, live shows, how to sing, EVERYTHING!

I started to really identify with them, so I started to create a unique style inspired by them, so I just call myself VRILBERT because of Avril, who for those who do not know my real name is Herbert, so I decided to join my name with hers, then gave Vrilbert.

Have put the Dark because at the time I lived a kind of obscure make of my life. In early 2009 I met my DIVA Lady GaGa that certainly inspired me in many things, too, was before I met her I thought that was more important to be yourself that is strange and different from others when you know she just did strengthen this my way of thinking.

My style has materialized in the middle of 2009 also influenced by rock. Until that moment inspired me a lot in Marimoon, went to her because I created my blog. My relationship with make-up also came at that time. At first it was very difficult to use eye pencil and eyeliner, was not very good at it, there was only the shadow even after much training to use my pencil.

I define my style at all, as Alternate. For not to label myself short. I think labeling me, I'm limiting. And thus depriving me of much enjoyment and fun things. Currently, I perform in bars and clubs of Salvador, as peformista and singer.

I'm still a project band that I intend to put into practice this year. I play guitar and studying music and theater. I own the DarKblog. A blog that talks about various subjects, including music, fashion, style, art, culture, internet, cinema, pop world, internet, updates and stuff.

I want to start a course in fashion soon. I love the matter of have a lot to investigate the matter. When it comes to my future, just know I want something that involves working with Media. Music, film, radio, theater, journalism, fashion ... I love all these issues, and provided little dream to work with one of them.

I'm chasing it. This is more than one project is a dream I'm doing my best to make it real.

In the pictures I have many inspirations, I am inspired by the Marilyn Manson. I am passionate about music, the music often works as a therapy for me. I am also passionate about animals, I love dogs, cats, hamsters, rabbits and various other animals. I intend in the future when you have good financial conditions have several of these animals at home.

The ntil now my only addiction is coffee, I'm kind viciadão coffee! I love a lot of coffee I take on average seven or more cups of coffee a day, I need coffee to keep me quiet with my headphones.

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